VioDance violinist holding a violin with a Star Trek Strange New Worlds uniform costume

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We love watching science fiction TV series and movies, and our most favorite has to be Star Trek. Davor used to watch since a very young age “The Next Generation”, “Deep Space Nine” and “Voyager”, and when the 2 of us got together he showed the series to Becky, who never watched them before. We started with “Voyager”, and that’s why it holds a very dear place in our hearts, both the series and its theme. Up to this day we still binge-watch the oldies but goodies, while we wait for new episodes of the new series. 

A Star Trek Album is in the works and after that, who knows? Maybe we will cover other franchises!

In this section you will find links for streaming and downloading all of our Sci-Fi music covers, sheet music and YouTube videos. Engage!


Star Trek

Being trekkies we were long wanting to make a cover of our favorite franchise, but we couldn’t decide on which series to cover… The solution? Make a medley! When Becky started putting together the different themes we realized the best way they fit together was by putting them chronologically. Then the idea came: it IS an evolution! It was nice to hear how the time has evolved over the years, not for better or for worse, but just to fit the mood of each series and time periods. We wish we had a bigger budget to have a uniform for each series, and more help / time to make all the CGI scenes, but we were happy with the end result. We hope you enjoyed it too!

Star Wars

The Expanse

The Orville

We enjoy watching some “Family Guy” now and then, so when we heard there was a mix of Seth MacFarlane’s humor and Star Trek, we couldn’t resist watching such a jewel. And yes, making a cover and a video with a doggy included too!