Violin Music from Video Games, Movies, TV Series, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and more!

Over the past 12 years we have released about a hundred of covers from TV & movie soundtracks, videogame music (VGM), instrumental, relaxing, cinematic and remixes of modern music with violin and other instruments: harp, piano, tin whistle, low whistle, otamatone, and many more!

We listed all our covers and sorted them into 5 major categories to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for, along with links for some of the most popular streaming and media platforms, some of our YouTube videos and sheet music for our covers. Here you will also find our original compositions!

TV & Movie Soundtracks

Here you will find our covers and versions of popular TV series and movie music with violin including Vikings, Pirates of the Caribbean, Games of Thrones, etc.

Video Game Music

Listen to our violin covers for video game music (also known as VGM). Listed in this category: Fallout, Dota 2, Zelda BotW, Divinity: Original Sin 2, and many others.

Sci-Fi Music

If you are a trekkie or a geek (like us) you can’t miss this category! Here you can listen to our covers from Star Trek, Star Wars, The Expanse, and others.


Instrumental & Relaxing Music

Here you will find covers of pop, classical and modern songs made in a more “chillout” vibe with violin. Songs and pieces like Perfect, Canon in D, A Thousand Years, etc.

Pop Music & Remixes

Looking for a more uplifting vibe? In this category we have our covers for some all-time favorites remixed! The Greatest, He’s a Pirate (from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, Time (from “Inception”), etc.