VioDance Davor & Becky playing a Yamaha electric violin

Pop Music & Remixes

With Violin

When we started in this amazing journey, Becky mostly listened and played classical music, while Davor loved (and still does) electronic music. We decided to combine the two of them: violin and electronic beats. The result? Vio-Dance.

Here you can find pop and electronic music (and some of our original compositions). You will also find remixes of some all-time favorite TV series and movies, because… why not? 🙂 Additionally, we share the links for sheet music (if available) and some videos too!

Lately we decided to focus more on what the majority of our audience seems to like most, which is cinematic music covers of soundtracks (TV, movies and video games). So this category will most likely be updated only to add more of our original music.

VioDance Original Songs

We composed these (and several other songs) around 10 years ago, but always felt too insecure to share our own music or thought that the time wasn’t right and that to be successful we would need to have more followers that would listen and buy our original music.

It took us 10 years to realize that the right time may never come, so we decided that there is no time like the present. We hope you enjoy it 🙂

Violin Remixes

This is one of our favorite remixes, from one of our favorite film music composers: Hans Zimmer. The original theme for the movie “Inception” is a masterpiece; and because it has being covered and versioned a gazillion of times (pun intended), we wanted to make something different: a remix of the theme + violin. Hope you enjoy it.

We wished we had a better recording gear back then, though we are grateful to all the people that shared the footage that we used in this video. 

Pop Covers & Various Genres

I’m free to be the greatest, I’m alive! Back in 2016 we were on a bus from Belgrade to Bosnia (to visit Davor’s family), and we just heard the night before this song that Sia just released. We loved it, and we had to cover it! We had a laptop with the program we use for producing (Ableton) + headphones, we had the time (plenty of hours on the road to get to Bosnia) and we had brought with us Becky’s trusty Qarbonia (carbon fiber violin) because we planned to record our Pirates of the Caribbean remix there. So thats what we did, and by the time we arrived to Bosnia we had our backing track (almost) ready.

The video and violin was also recorded in Davor’s hometown. But everything was done very spontaneously and without much preparation (even for our standards hehehe).